What is Submission Grappling?

Submission Grappling – The Ultimate Martial Art

Submission grappling is a combat sport derived from the martial art of jiu jitsu.

Participants win matches by forcing their opponents into submission by applying a strangle or joint lock.

No striking is allowed and the bouts have similar structure to judo or wrestling matches, the greatest difference being that the match is ultimately won by submission, not by throwing or pinning your opponent on the mat.

Submission grappling provides a phenomenal and particularly enjoyable workout. Because you participate in live sparring matches against active opponents, the nature of the resistance encountered is always varied and unpredictable, developing both great strength and cardiovascular fitness simultaneously.

The practical application and effectiveness of the sport cannot be over-emphasised. This is evident by it being utilised by professional athletes in the UFC, EFC and other mixed martial arts events across the globe.

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