About Maximillian Academy

About Jason Gregoriades

Maximillian Academy is headed by multiple time champion & experienced instructor, Jason Gregoriades.

Jason and his brother Nicolas Gregoriades, are two of the original pioneers of the sports submission grappling and brazilian jiu jitsu in Cape Town, South Africa.

Since winning numerous national competitions, Jason has been regarded as one of the best grappling athletes and competitors in South Africa.

After having participated in both sports, Jason decided to focus solely upon submission grappling and opened his new academy Maximillian Cape Town.

“I decided to focus on submission grappling because it was my first passion and I always found it so enjoyable and free-flowing, less restrictive than with the gi. To me it just seemed more natural and less complicated.”

About Maximillian Academy

The word ‘Maximillian’ means ‘the greatest’ or, ‘one without equal,’ and this is the core ethos of the academy – to train individuals into becoming the greatest possible champions.

Maximillian academy operates upon the following 3 pillars:

  • Personalised training to develop individual champions
  • A warm and receptive environment
  • An enjoyable and realistic training regime

Maximillian Academy is for men only. ‘It is not that I don’t think women should train in the sport of submission grappling, but rather I feel they could best learn from another woman. I’d rather provide an environment tailored exclusively to men and seek to avoid any unrealistic or awkward match-ups between men and women.’

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